Before Departure

Vietnam has only recently become a tourist destination. Every effort has been made to make all guests to this country comfortable and safe. Do not take the following tips as warnings, only advice, remember being a knowledgeable traveler is a big step to a successful vacation. Some of the rules and regulations implemented in Vietnam are found nowhere else in the world so it is a good idea to become acquainted with them before you step off the plane

Obtain Vietnam Visa 

Generally, a visa is needed for travellers to Vietnam. All foreign visitors wishing to enter Vietnam must hold a visa, except citizens from some Asian and Nordic countries Vietnam has signed visa exemption agreement with. >>>Detail

Best time to visit Vietnam 

One of the most popular questions before traveling to Vietnam could be: "What's the weather like there?" Here's some information about Vietnam climate and weather. There is no real best or worst time to visit Vietnam, with travel possible all year, but the seasons vary across the country and you should be prepared to encounter some rain whenever you decide to travel. >>>Detail

Ideal Packing List When Traveling to Vietnam 

When packing for traveling to Vietnam, you should be aware of the differing climatic conditions that exist in the region. Vietnam is generally a hot, humid travelling region, so attention should be paid to what the weather will be like in this area. It is also culturally different. >>>Detail