Booking Terms & Payment Methods

ASIA FRONTIER TRAIL and the client agree that the terms and conditions for the services provided by the ASIA FRONTIER TRAIL shall be outlined by the following general booking conditions. The person who books the tour on behalf of (an) other person(s) is fully responsible on their behalf. A booking is definite when the ASIA FRONTIER TRAIL has received the booking form.

The contract will consist of an agreed itinerary and/ or services and your acknowledgement of acceptance of these booking conditions. The contract between us becomes binding at the point at which you issue instructions to us to go ahead with making reservations for the agreed itinerary and/ or other services, and pay the deposit or full amount according to the stated terms and conditions.      



All prices quoted to the client are in US Dollars and stated clearly their validity. However, all these quoted prices are subject to change into line with market, tax, currency fluctuation with or without prior notice.The price is the total cost of the holiday including all elements specified in the itinerary, unless stated otherwise. As our holidays are individually designed, the price will vary according to changes made in the vacation program. At the point at which you decide to make full payment, all agreed changes to the price will be included in the invoice that we send you.       



All services Reservations/ Booking with the ASIA FRONTIER TRAIL, a 30% (thirty percent) DEPOSIT of BOOKING cost with the minimum of USD100 per person is required. Then a full payment of the travel services balance must be paid at least 4 weeks (28 days) before arrival (or the starting date of the tour).

In the event of the full payment not reaching our account by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel all reservations and the contract between us.

Please note that, for convenience, we price in United States dollars. Where price equivalents in VND or any other currency are given, they are for guidance only and must not be taken as firm prices. Both deposit and final payment must be made in US dollars and if you choose to pay in a currency other than US dollars, the price in the invoice will be at the exchange rate prevailing on the day we issue it.



We provide you some flexible ways to make the payment:


1. By Paypal (with or without a Paypal account) (recommended):

Whatever if you have or have not a Paypal account, you may pay us securely with Paypal. After you have confirmed a certain amount of payment forthe travel service you are going to book from ASIA FRONTIER TRAIL, your travelconsultant at ASIA FRONTIER TRAIL will send you a PayPal payment link via email.By following that payment link, you will be transferred to Paypal's secureonline payment website. If you have a Paypal account, all you need to do is to login to your Paypal account and click the "pay" button. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can still pay us at Paypal's website by providing your credit card information. Paypal accepts all the major credit card anddebit card.

Please keep in mind that you should only pay to Asia Frontier Trail's only Paypal account as: pay[at] ASIA FRONTIER TRAILCo. Ltd.

Paypal is fast, easy, secure and global. There are over 100 millions Paypal users around the world. Vendors like Dell, StarBucks also take Paypal as one of the major payment receiving tool. It's definitely your worry-free payment method with Asia Frontier Trail.


2. Western Union: Worldwide Online Money Transfer (Visa/MasterCard Accepted) (recommended):

You can send us deposit/ balance of booking through the Weston Union Services which is very quick, easy and safe.

Western Union Services (Quick, famous


- After sending the money, please tell us the full name of the remitter, sum of money, details of your address, and also the Money Transfer Control Number provided by Western Union.

- Western Union is the quickest way to pay us. We can get your money in a couple of minutes after you send the money. So it is strongly recommended for the urgent bookings.    


3. Credit Card Payment

We accept Visa Card and Master Card. For payment made by credit card, a surcharge due to bank fee will be applied to the total amount;currently 3% for Visa and MasterCard, If you choose this payment method, we will send to you "Credit card payment form". You fill in and sendback to us by fax or you can scan and email to E-mail: info[at]


- A surcharge of 3% will be applied for payment by credit card. 

- We also require you send us the passport copy of card holder by fax or email.

- We do not accept credit card payment for the urgent booking that is confirmed less than 10 days prior to your arrival date. In this case, we prefer the payment by Western Union service or other payment methods.


4. Cash Payment

The payment by Cash shall be allowed by our staff upon confirmation. Normally, this method applied for customers who live in Vietnam.  



1. Cancellation by Customer
The client can cancel their booking at all times but only accepted by notification in writing. The date of cancellation will be the date on which we receive your notification of your wish to do so. 
Costs for cancellation are as followed: 
1. Cancellation is made over 30 days before the arrival date (or departure date of tour); there will be no charge for cancellation except the forfeiture of the deposit. 
2. Cancellation from day 30 till 15 days before the arrival date (or departure date of tour); 20% of the total sum per person will be charged. 
3. Cancellation from day 14 till 4 days before the arrival date (or departure date of tour); 30% of the total amount per person will be charged. 

4. Cancellation from day 3 (or 72 hours) till 48 hours before the arrival date (or departure date of tour); 50% of the total amount per person will be charged. 
5. Cancellation within 47 hours before the arrival date (or departure date of tour); the full amount will be charged. If, rather than cancel, you wish to transfer your booking to another person, we can arrange this subject to your instruction, and the transferee providing his or her full details, confirmation of acceptance of the terms of the contract,agreement to pay our costs incurred in making the transfer and any outstanding balance of the total price.

2. Cancellation by Asia Frontier Trail

In case of force majeure regarding political conditions, natural disaster,wars, etc, we have to cancel the confirmed trip which the Customer has deposited or paid for. In such case, we will contact you for appropriate alterations or you will get full reimbursements for your deposit or payment.

The ASIA FRONTIER TRAIL always undertakes everything within its power to exceed the clients’ expectation in terms of quality and value. The understanding is that the ASIA FRONTIER TRAIL acts as intermediary between the client and airlines, hotels, transport operators,local tourist offices providing services to the client. The ASIA FRONTIER TRAIL shall in no event be liable to the client by reason of unsatisfactory services provided to the client by third parties or by way of indemnity, for any loss, injury, delay, quarantine, customs regulation, change in schedule or other adverse events beyond the control of the ASIA FRONTIER TRAIL. The client warrants that the ASIA FRONTIER TRAIL shall not be responsible or liable for additional expenses and damages due to any delay, accidents, action of god, unrest or political action. 
The Company also reserves the right to require any individual to withdraw from the tour if deemed his/her act of conduct is detrimental to or incompatible with the interest, harmony & welfare of other passengers and the tour as a whole. The company shall be under no further liability thereafter to any such person. No tour leaders/guides or other employees or agents of  the Company or authorized to commit The Company to any liability whatsoever and The Company will not be bound by any statement or representation unless in writing and signed by a management executive of The Company. The Company reserves the right to take photographs & films for passenger while on tour with The Company to be used for brochures advertising or publicity material without obtaining any further consent from passenger.
We accept responsibility for carrying out the terms of the contract and for the performance of our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers. If we fail to comply with the terms of the contract, we will compensate you for any loss that you incur. We will not be liable to pay compensation if the failure to carryout the terms of the contract is neither our fault nor that of our employees,sub-contractors or suppliers because the failure is caused by:

A. Alterations by us
Your booking will be accepted based on your understanding that the tourism infrastructure in the Indochina countries is substantially less than that in developed countries. Sometimes, close to your time of departure, we receive information about circumstances beyond our control affecting your holiday:potential travel disruption, road works, major events, predicted adverse weather conditions and so on. In such circumstances, we will contact you and,if possible, suggest alternatives to solve any problems that might arise. 
All such alterations will be subject to your approval and agreement. If you agree to such alterations, and they involve additional cost, this must be borne by you.
If alterations become necessary during your holiday because of the failure of a third party contracted by us to provide the required services, and we are unable to provide an equivalent alternative, we will compensate you for any losses incurred and seek redress from our sub-contractor later. If we offer you a more expensive alternative, the extra cost will be borne by us. 
During your holiday, if alterations are necessary because of circumstances beyond our control occurring at short notice, such as unforeseen weather conditions, postponements, cancellations or overbooking by national carriers,government action or mechanical breakdowns. 
In the case of an alteration beyond our control, we will do our best to find satisfactory alternatives and minimize inconvenience, but cannot be held liable for any losses incurred. If such alterations involve additional cost, this must be borne by you.

B. Alterations by you
Because we operate on a tailor-made basis, you can request alterations to any aspect of your holiday without surcharges. We will advise you of the cost or saving resulting from proposed alterations and, if it is acceptable to you,incorporate it into the price.
If you ask for changes to be made after you have paid in full, but before your date of departure, any increase in the price must be settled by cash or credit card (Visa, MasterCard) upon your arrival. If changes result in a reduction of the price, you will be reimbursed upon arrival less any costs that we have reasonably incurred. 
If you ask for changes to be made during travel, we will advise you of the extra cost and only proceed on your instruction. Any extra costs that you have incurred by altering your itinerary must be settled at the most convenient time during your stay in this traveling country.
If the alteration involves a reduction, we will refund you the saving, less any costs that we have reasonably incurred before ending tour. No refunds will be made for any unused elements of the itinerary.

In the case of any problem or complaint, it is imperative that the client informs the ASIA FRONTIER TRAIL at the earliest opportunity in order that we have the chance to rectify the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. All disputes, claims and litigation regarding the services shall first be settled by way of negotiation and mutual understanding. In the event such negotiation and mutual understanding would fail, the disputes, claim and litigation shall finally settled by arbitration of the Vietnam International Arbitration Centre at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. All claims must be submitted in writing within 14 (fourteen) days after the end of the services and within 3(three) days after the end of the service provided if having hotel reservation only.

1. Travel insurance
We strongly recommend that you take out a holiday insurance policy. Travel insurance and medical precautions are essential. We do not give specific advice on these matters as we are expert in neither, and individual circumstances differ. So, please ask your nearby travel agent, or speak to your own insurance broker for any assistance of travel insurance.
We also advise you to tell us the name of the company and its contact details so that we can give notification on your behalf if you are unable to do so in the unlikely event of an accident occurring. 
2. Travel Document
Passengers must possess a valid passport and are responsible for obtaining necessary visa etc., prior to departure. Finally check with us other necessary preparations subject to different tour types for the whole package tour.

The ASIA FRONTIER TRAIL has the authority and the right at any time it sees fit to change or modify all or any part of these terms and conditions without prior notice. However, should any changes occur, they will be posted on the website immediately. In case the Terms and Conditions change after the deposit is paid, the Terms and Conditions under which the deposit was paid shall apply. 

If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info[at]