Mekong River Cruises

The Mekong River Delta attracts tourists not only by their natural beauty but also by the colorful of culture and lifestyle of local people there. Taking a cruise on Mekong River will be the best memories for whom want to discover all of coner in the world. You will be impressive by the floating markets, some homemade workshop of bricks and candies, garden houses. Everything made an unique vacation in Mekong River Delta.

Discover the Mekong delta's intense life and spend the night on the river, while enjoying all the comfort of elegant wooden boats. We offer a truly authentic discovery of the Mekong delta and a cruise in comfort.

Mekong Emotion Cruise

Mekong Emotion Cruise is the latest added to the fleet of Mekong Emotion and Le Cochinchine cruises. Purposefully designed to meet up specific needs of the most discerning travelers, Mekong Emotion brings you a fantastic combination of exquisite culinary experience, stunning landscapes and more. 

The boat measures around 33 meters long and 7 meter wide. Mekong Emotion is equipped with special heat exchangers for hot water piloted by an automat that ensures constant shower water pressure and temperature. >>>Detail

Le Cochinchine Cruise 

Tastefully designed and well equipped, the powerful Le Cochinchine cruises offer a unique and fulfilling way to explore endless waterways of Mekong River and Mekong Delta.​

Welcome onboard and let us show you a Vietnam that many dream about. >>>Detail

Bassac Cruise 

The Bassac are three cabin cruisers entirely built of wood in the Mekong delta and according to the local marine traditions, without compromising on the standards or comfort and safety.​The Bassac Cruise takes you into the greener areas of the Mekong delta, overnight on the river and into the middle of the life about the river. The Mystic Sampans take you to the floating market with a breakfast, or to a daytime excursion. >>>Detail

La Marguerite Cruise 

The La Marguerite provides an exquisite setting for a Mekong river odyssey. Inviting public areas include a restaurant serving Asian and Western specialties; Saigon Lounge; Panoramic Lounge and Library with complimentary Internet access; Gift Shop...​This cruise is great for any individuals, couples as well as small groups who want to explore Mekong Delta, the waterway Saigon – Phnom Penh and Angkor Temples. >>>Detail

Douce Mekong Cruise

Douce Mekong Cruise is a modern and tastefully designed river barge. Built in traditional style with local touch and western comfort Douce Mekong offers an elegant, relaxing and fulfilling ways to explore endless water way of Mekong River. 

The cruise brings us into contact with people in different corner of the Delta . With Douce Mekong, you will have ample opportunity to see Vietnam in its authenticity and sample local culture and food, in a one unpacking, unforgettable vacation where your "floating hotel" get you insight into Mekong Delta and quaint villages. >>>Detail

Mekong Eyes Cruise 

The Mekong Eyes cruise offers the luxurious chance to sleep peacefully aboard ship as you journey deep into the mighty delta. This is an opportunity unavailable to most visitors to the Mekong, and the Mekong Eyes is a brand new and simply gorgeous boat that lets you enjoy your Mekong holiday like never before. 

The boat is outfitted out with the latest in style and comfort, from the natural wood interiors, to the panorama windows in your cabin, and the extensive wine list in the lounge. We promise you an unforgettable cruising experience. >>>Detail