Vietnam Active & Adventure Vacations

Vietnam is currently one of the world's most talked-about travel destinations. After opening its doors to tourism in 1989, the “Land of the Ascending Dragon” has established its reputation as a unique and genuine South-East Asian experience. A visit to this fascinating country will indulge your senses and open your mind.

Our collection of Vietnam "off the beaten track" adventure vacations is sure to excite even the most experienced thrill seeker. we are always working hard to create exciting new ‘off the beaten track’ adventures to the untouched area in Vietnam.

With our adventure tours of Vietnam, we create difference.

North Vietnam Ultimate Road Trip - 05 Days

This journey aims to show you the most beautiful road trip in north Vietnam, a journey from Yen Bai to Lao Cai. It covers the least-visited yet most stunning destinations of the northern region. You will enjoy a scenic hike to admire the picturesque settings of terraced rice fields in Nghia Lo, Tu Le and Sapa. These imposing fields draw a number of Vietnamese youth who love to take pictures and travel with a sense of adventure. Amidst this magnificent landscape, you will meet ethnic minority people in their colorful costumes and you will be touched by their smiles for sure. >>>Detail

Discover "Road to Happiness" of Ha Giang - 06 Days

A 6 days journey to a paradise of untouched nature and culture of frontier area, Ha Giang - which is made up of sweeping valleys, karst formations,meandering rivers, dense forests and stilt houses with thatched roofs. Quan Ba is famous for its elegantly shaped rice terraces while Dong Van boasts a unique rocky plateau called a "global geo-park of rock". Meo Vac hosts an ancient bartering ethnic market which has remained the same for several hundreds of years. Combined with a visit to Bao Lac village, the impressive Ban Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang and crystal Ba Be Lake & National Park, your trip in far north Vietnam will end perfectly. >>>Detail

Best of North Vietnam Adventure – 15 Days

Northern Vietnam is a captivating blend of stunning landscapes, enchanting people and dynamic cities. Capture the spirit of the north in this quick-paced adventure from the delightful city of Hanoi to the hill station of Sapa and the colorful weekend market of Bac Ha, from amazing terraced rice fields are called the “stairway to Heaven” in Tu Le - Mu Cang Chai to Vietnam's unique Karst Plateau Global Geopark in Dong Van-Meo Vac. From the immense lake of Ba Be to New World’s Wonder: Halong Bay. This tour is perfect for Adventurer, Photographer, Ethical & Responsible Travelers! >>>Detail

Discover the Tribes of Tonkin – 18 Days

Tonkin-the northernmost part of Vietnam, homeland of variety ethnic minorities who still maintains unique cultural traditions in the lush highlands of Vietnam.

This 18-day tour through Vietnam’s northern mountains brings you to an array of colourful ethnic minority communities. Stay in local villages and visit lively tribal markets, while travelling through dramatic mountain and forest landscapes. With two days on leisure cruise on Halong Bay, this tour offers a wealth of insight into the contrasting lifestyles of Vietnam’s minorities and city dwellers. >>>Detail

Authentic Vietnam Adventure – 15 Days

This trip will bring us to visit major attractions from north to south Vietnam, which form its rich highlights: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Sai Gon... and to name just a few. We will get into the heart of Vietnamese authentic culture. we will also enter the lively life in Vietnam by walking, cruising, participating in a Vietnamese cooking class, sleeping in a homestay and spending a night aboard an elegant junk. This trip is perfect for those who appreciate the authenticity and strong emotion while travelling. It is exclusively designed to encourage meaningful meetings and connections with local host. >>>Detail

Highlights of Northeast Vietnam - 07 Days

While the Northwest dazzles you with its high mountain landscapes, the Northeast amazes you with its steep limestone peaks and real rural countryside. This unique and picturesque geological formation extends from Yangshui - Guilin, China into Cao Bang before diving into the emerald waters of Halong Bay. Amidst this intriguing landscape, you will encounter Tay, Nung and Pa Then ethnic people. This trip allows you to get some insights of the northeast Vietnam: from the beautiful Ba Be Lake surrounded with lush forest in Bac Kan, the spectacular Ban Gioc waterfalls in Cao Bang to famous caves: Nguom Ngao in Cao Bang and Nhi Thanh in Lang Son. >>>Detail

Vietnam Northwest Explorers - 09 Days

Traveling close to the Chinese border, we encounter various hill tribes who still retain their traditional lifestyle and unique customs. We visit the hill town of Sapa and the famous battle site of Dien Bien Phu, whilst all around us are some of Vietnam's highest mountains. Expect to find the conditions quite basic on your travels, as this area is yet to see the influx of mass tourism; however, you will be rewarded by the opportunities to witness the colorful and varied customs of Vietnam’s ethnic minority people. >>>Detail

Impressive Halong Bay Kayaking - 05 Days

This tour offers you a great chance to discover Halong Bay-the wonderland of karst topography with 3,000 limestone and dolomite islets sprinkled over an area of 1,500 square km. The calm sea provides an ideal location for sea kayaking as we paddle through amaze of islets amid dramatic natural scenery. With modern kayaking equipment, we are able to maximize on speed and maneuverability as we explore the open sea and the many hidden lagoons and stalagmite caves that are difficult to access by any other means. As with our other kayak tours, this tour offers flexibility in activity levels while still combining the best of sea kayaking. >>>Detail